Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Page Flag Bonanza

Pictured: a lot of page flags.
Not pictured: creased corners.
I'm taking advantage of a day off to write up that giant backlog of books I have on my desk. Just for fun, here's a snapshot of what books look like while I'm preparing to review them!

After several people lectured me about creasing the corners, Sarah went ahead and gave me a stack of page flags to use when I need to remember something. Obviously I don't end up including every quote, but it's a good way for me to get a handle on what I want to talk about--especially if I wait several weeks before actually reviewing a book. In going back through my tabs, I am reminded of great lines, crucial details, and moments where the author dropped the ball--i.e. where my inner grump comes out to play. Then I have a good direction to start my review.

If y'all saw what my books looked like BEFORE I had page flags, you'd probably shun me. Though my stash of flags is running low...

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