Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! + "Dealing With Dragons"

Merry Christmas and a happy impending New Year, dear readers!

Working over the holidays has been a little bonkers, so none of the... three? reviews that I've been drafting are ready to appear before you. In their stead, let me fall back on one of my side projects: the read-alouds of fairy tales and short novels that I've been recording.

Back in July, I posted the first batch of short stories from fantasy greats authors Patricia C. Wrede, Patricia McKillip, and Peter S. Beagle. Now I've finished (yes, finished!) recording "Dealing With Dragons," a lighthearted story about a princess who volunteers to be kidnapped by a dragon, in order to keep away all the nonsense of knights, princes, and marriage. The dragon who takes her in doesn't need a princess so much as a librarian/cook/maid/co-conspirator.

It's an old favorite of mine and yours. I hope I do it justice.

This present is specifically for my friend Sarah, but the rest of you are welcome to listen, too!

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