Thursday, January 1, 2015

Navigate By Ratings + Books For 2015

Aaaaand welcome to 2015, dear readers!

It seems to me that the number of reviews have become unwieldy for easy navigating. I've updated the tagging system so that you can now browse by rating as well as by genre. This will apply to everything posted from this date forward, as well as to past reviews.

Looking for that new book you never knew you needed to read? Click "five star review" over on the right. Looking for something really grumpy? Then it'll be "one star review" you want!

(Of course, I have a few decimal point reviews. For fairness' sake, I'm rounding down. The 2.5 stars with be with the two star reviews, the 4.9s will be with the fours, etc.)

On another note, I capped out 2014 with a total of one hundred and thirty-five books read, finishing Frank Herbert's Dune just last night. I'm aiming for at least another hundred books in 2015. I'd like to start reading more new releases and using the blog to get exposure for newer, lesser-known books as well as for old favorites. This means that--as always--I am looking for recommendations.

Looking forward to another year!

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